Hi, I'm Kate! 

I'm a destination wedding & elopement photographer based in nashville, TN. 

I consider the main purpose of my job to deliver images that honestly represent what it *felt* like to be at your wedding. This means no two weddings are ever covered the same. I don't follow a formula and I definitely don't follow a pinterest-inspired check list of photos. That got old a long time ago. 

I absolutely love making authentic & interesting portraits, but to me the real gold- the stuff that makes your wedding yours- lies in the less obvious forms of wedding coverage. The moment just after you've posed for a pic with grandma and I step back to "review the photo" and she looks at you adoringly or admires your new rock. Yep, I'm there just creepin' on ya and shooting that stuff too. And when you forget your garter so your best gal pal throws your dress over her head on the dance floor and does it for you? Yep, I'm right there. 

My approach is pretty straightforward: Show up, be completely present & shoot whatever the hell is happening. 



1. Decided to get a degree in journalism. Print journalism. Whoops. 
2. That happy misadventure landed me as a music-beat writer during college circa 2008 which meant I needed to buy a camera to photograph shows.
3. Bought a camera.
4. Wound up in South America with said camera, fell in love with photojournalism. 
5. Sister asks me to photograph her intimate wedding
6. Someone else asked me to photograph their wedding
7. Repeat, repeat, repeat
=Ta da! Here we are, going into my third year as a full-time photg. Life is a weird and mostly pretty great adventure. 
>I'm 28. My degree is in journalism but my heart in photography, as you may have guessed by now. I'm a Nashvillian now, but Mississippi is 'home.'

>I'm a dog mom to Zoe, my three-year-old Maltese that is my shadow. "Where you find one you'll find the other," as my bf says. I'm mildly obsessed with her and my personal IG is basically dedicated to her.

>Front porch hangs on a sunny day are a personal favorite
>Not cool with ladybugs
>Personally very worried about nervous laughter at my own wedding

And last but not least, meet Zoe! She wears the pants in this relationship. 

Wellllp, that's kind of my long-story-short. I'd love to hear about yours, let's grab coffee! .....Or cocktails .....Or sushi. Your call. 

IG: @katesippi  >>>