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backyard elopement with rachel + chris // covington, tn wedding photographer

Y'all, meet Rachel & Chris. These are some salt of the Earth human beings right here... The kind that you look up to; the kind you'd be proud to call a friend. They also happen to be incredibly talented musicians, both mid-masters degrees. And I'm SO honored to have been there to document this day and get to know these two a little bit.   

Their backyard wedding was an elopement of sorts because, well... life just didn't go according to plan (as if it ever does). I won't go into too many details here, but during their engagement Chris lost his father and within just a few months Rachel lost her mother, both to cancer.  Life was put on pause.

Flash forward a few months, and these two were over the grandiose affair of a huge wedding... They just wanted to be married. So that's what they did. In the backyard of Rachel's childhood home, under a tree, with their closest friends and family there with them. Simplicity was queen, just as Rachel put it in her first email to me.  I'll let the pictures speak for the rest. Enjoy! 

Wishing you two a lifetime of health & happiness together!