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helen & bryan // TN wedding photography

Oh how I have adored working with this beautiful couple! Meet Mr. and Mrs. Moon, quite possibly the most compassionate couple I may have ever met.  Nine times out of ten, my first contact with a couple comes from the bride-to-be, but Bryan emailed me first because Helen was in Africa at the time doing philanthropic work. From the start, I knew I was going to adore these two. Helen is obviously stunning, but she's also one of the kindest and most generous human beings you'll ever meet (perfect example: she suggested doing disaster relief work for their honeymoon when a natural disaster had Bryan scrambling to change their honeymoon location at the last minute... I mean really?!). Did I mention she's also a pharmacist for Indian Health Service? A saint I tell you!  And the way Bryan looked at his sweet bride when she walked down the aisle and throughout the rest of the day? Well, let's just say it set the bar pretty high for my future husband. A huge thank you to this beautiful couple for trusting me to document your day! It never ceases to both amaze and humble me that I am able to make a living chasing beautiful people around on their wedding day with my camera in hand. And also a big shout out to Amber Rhodes Lapoint for her fabulous work as a second shooter, as always!