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nashville lifestyle photographer // day in the life

I'm so excited to announce that I will now be taking on an entirely new adventure: (cheesy obligatory call for drum roll...) lifestyle sessions!  I'm so excited about these sessions so I can push my photojournalism a little further than allowed during the nature of a wedding day. 

So, a little about the sessions: There will be no babies in baskets or saying "sit this way, do this with your hands" ... I don't even want the house to be cleaned up beforehand. No, really. Not even a little "tidying up." These sessions will be honest vignettes of a typical day. Your two year old is melting down? Well, that's life... so let's just roll with it. S/he recovers in T minus 3 minutes? Perfect, I'll be right there with ya. 

Take this session for example. I guess this will be Part One: B&W and I will do a followup post here soon with the color versions. Anyway, these are from a week spent with my family at the beach, only I obviously focused on my cousin's daughters, Paiki & Effie, as I wanted to take the chance to try my hand at a lifestyle approach to see if it I like it (Answer: yes, I LOVED it and all the challenges it presented). This was more or less our typical day: wake up whenever>breakfast>beach>lunch>beach or pool>nap time for Effie (okay, I may have napped a day or two myself..)>dinner either out or at the house. Kids being kids, there were numerous ebbs and flows of their attitudes throughout the day, but I had the creative freedom to document it as I saw it, and since my cousin Keetch is a photographer herself, I knew she would understand what I was going for. 

Anyway, I'll let the pictures paint the story. I hope you'll get the idea.
*I will be offering a significant discount for my first few lifestyle sessions, so please contact me for prices!!*