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katelyn & will // long hollow gardens wedding, nashville tn

katelyn & will, long hollow gardens wedding // nashville, tn

the day after katelyn & will's long hollow gardens wedding I posted a FB sneak peek with a caption saying something along the lines of how I was feeling particularly happy and I was sure it was because I had just spent the entire day with these two. several people commented that they too left their wedding with that same feeling. these two are living proof that happiness is contagious.

when I met up with them for the first time over drinks at their local watering hole, i was immediatley taken aback at how heart-on-sleeve these two are about their love. even with four or five years of dating under their belts, they still look at each other like it's their first date, katelyn all heart-eyes emoji and will looking back at her with such endearment and reverence. then we met up for their engagement photos and they didn't even have to ham it up to look adorable, because they *really* just are that way in real life. 

don't believe me? i'll let the photos do the talking now. 

p.s. HUGE thank you to my gal pal Lizz Hoard for many of these beautiful images & for driving over 4hrs each way to be the best sidekick ever on wedding day. your dedication & passion for what you do is truly inspiring. 

p.s.s. I'm usually the worst about vendor-love (sorry guys, i really do appreciate what you all do!), but I gotta say Candice Davis Event Design was memorably awesome both professionally and personally. check her out for wedding design & planning in/around nashville.