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from the minute andrea & joseph reached out via email i started crossing my fingers that they would decide to book me. then we met over coffee & i started crossing both sets of fingers.  let's just say their october wedding has an exclamation or five behind it in my calendar. (other october brides: I'm excited about your wedding too, i promise. but this one takes the cake. #sorry). 

is their venue *amazing*? yes. have they been extremely warm & pleasant to work with from the very start? yes. but that's not why there are exclamation marks on my calendar. during the aforementioned coffee date a&j expounded on their wedding plans. i didn't hear one thing about what color the flowers would be or what the bridesmaids were going to wear or words like 'DIY' and 'rustic' and 'charm.' instead i was listening to these two best friends smiling at each other as they told me about how excited they were to finally marry each other.. about how they were excited to have the venue for a few days so that their friends & family could be totally immersed for more than just the wedding day. how guests were flying in from out of the country and they wanted it to be a worthwhile trip for them too. 

so, yeah. basically, these two are solid AF.  and with eight + years under their belt it doesn't surprise me how natural these photographs feel to me. between their quick wit & intellect alone, these two make a deadly combo. add in the fact that they're genuine, light hearted & insanely laid back and just kind of 'go' together... well, that is exactly the type of love i want to document. 

p.s. joseph, i'm sorry if my lack of capitalization was unbearable for you.
p.s.s. for anyone else reading this far, joseph is a writer.