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the lodge wedding // nashville tn wedding photographer // cara & jeff

"you and me babe."
-what they each engraved on the others' ring, only they didn't know it was the same until after the ceremony. 

a few years ago they were long-distance dating. knowing what I do of them now, i can just see it so clearly: thousands (ok, maybe just hundreds) of miles apart, cara OTW to her work and jeff to his, them chatting over the phone... I am certain there's a smile plastered across each of their faces. i can practically hear jeff's giggle as he laughs at something witty cara says. meanwhile cara's probably bursting at the seems to reach through the phone and kiss his face. (okay, was that random made up scenario too weird? yeah, maybe. whatever, this is how my brain works).  flash forward to today & they're finally together in nashville going on three months of marriage! our world is so big and small and amazing, isn't it?!  

the lodge could not have been a more perfect backdrop for this celebration. all the natural elements of the space itself really blended well with the woodsy backdrop and percy priest nearby was an obvious go-to for portraits. thanks to my girl jess adkison for second shooting and in case you missed it, you can see their cheekwood botanical gardens engagement session here

BONUS CONTENT: check out their wedding video here, Ben and Amory are behind the cameras @ Bear Wallow Film Co. and are awesome to work with, definitely recommend!