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Airbnb Elopement with Jules and Max // Nashville, TN


Backyard Airbnb Elopement in Nashville, TN

When Jules & Max first reached out to me to photograph their wedding, I had no idea I’d be spending not only that intimate wedding day with them, but that a year later I would also be with them and 38 (to me) strangers, making bonfires and hiking through hangovers to arrive at one of the prettiest views my eyeballs have ever seen. Wait, whuuut? Ok so Jules & Max opted for a super intimate Airbnb-style elopement in Nashville last year. I was one of 15 people blessed to witness this day of love and celebration. Two of the others, Sarah (Jules’ best friend since childhood) and David (Sarah’s then boyfriend) got engaged not long after and decided to have a mountain get away wedding earlier this month that also happened to land on the weekend of Jules and Max’s anniversary. And yours truly was also there to document it all = why I spent their anniversary with them! And what better way to spend an anniversary then surrounded by love? Love for your best friend. Love that reminds you of your love for each other. Love is love is love and it’s fire burns brightest when more is added to it..

When we were in the woods, I’d overheard someone ask Jules how the first year of marriage had been since it’s “supposed to be the toughest one.” Jules just shrugged, looked at Max and said “It’s actually been pretty easy for us” as casually as if someone had just asked how the coffee was. Not the type to take themselves too seriously or opt for the spotlight, this Airbnb elopement was the perfect representation of who Jules & Max are individually, and as a unit. The type to always check in with each other with little back touches or bringing the other water or Dayquil or any other small-but-still-big gesture of love, I can only imagine that it really has been easy for them. Both of them are insanely smart, observant, helpers, genuine, laid back and funny— oftentimes with a quick or brutal wit that will leave you like “daaaamn ok I see you.”

And those are always my favorite types of humans. Ones that listen more than they speak, that don’t spend a gajillion dollars on their wedding day and fret about the most minute details. Ones that just want to get together with a few key people, eat, drink, be merry… oh yeah, and somewhere in there marry their best friend.

And that is exactly what they did: