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Hey there, I'M KATE!


I am the gal behind the camera at kaP

I'm a documentary-style wedding and engagement photographer based in Memphis, Tennessee. I'm going on 30 and I'm not sure what all the dread was about-- I'm only finding life to be getting sweeter with time! I'm an easy going gal who eats an absurd amount of sunflower seeds, plays some pretty mean pool and appreciates a good patio day spent in good company, preferably eating crawfish or oysters or basically anything from the sea.

My educational background in journalism and photojournalism heavily influence what I look for in a photo, as does my laid back nature/approach to photography. I'm not going to put you in stiff poses and bark orders at everyone, but I will be there to make you and yours feel comfortable and relaxed throughout our entire time together.  I'm just a person, y'all are just people, and we're just gonna hang out and take some kickass photos together! You're gonna feel awkward for like two minutes, then we'll crack some champagne and do the damn thing.  


In the last six+ years of documenting weddings I've learned so much about love and authenticity and connecting with people; about my work and myself and how the two influence each other; about what it means to tell a story of the same general subject countless times but and do it in a unique and meaningful way.

And my biggest lesson has been to work with people who are just good people and who trust me. People who just want to friggin marry their person! Folks that realize everything probably won't go exactly as planned, but at the end of the day, you've just married your best friend and you're gonna have some kickass photos to relive it! 

I quit my day job five years ago to pursue this crazy dream of telling stories with my camera and I've never looked back. Because of that leap I've seen parts of the country that have literally brought tears to my eyes, I've met incredible photographers and clients from all over the world that turned out to be kindred spirits. I've conquered my fear of public speaking by becoming an instructor at the annual The Real Workshop. I've seen some very, very weird stuff happen at weddings and I've laughed till I've cried at receptions. 

I show up to every.single.wedding excited as hell to tell a story in a unique way and make something awesome, and I always leave with full heart and sore face from smiling.... How could you ever give all of that up in exchange for the safety of a predictable paycheck?!

And last but not least, meet Zoe! She wears the pants in this relationship.

She is pretty much never not napping. Fun fact: Zoe is also part of the inspiration behind my family photography site Zeus And Zoe Photo.



Kate is a documentary-style wedding photographer based in Memphis, TN and is available worldwide.