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Hi, I'm Kate!

Not to be confused with "Cake." (Yes, you'd be surprised how often people think I *really* just said "Hi, I'm Cake." ...... I just roll with it sometimes).

Moving on.....
By nature I am laid back and inquisitive, eager for meaningful experiences and connection but I also need my 'me time' (AKA Netflix). I have a dry sense of humor, could happily live only eating seafood forever, and am totally okay with the fact that my dog Zoe wears the pants in our relationship.

And when it comes to photography...

+I believe your face should be sore from smiling with your boo and your friends, not from taking posed pictures all day, so I get lots of diversity quickly so we can all move on to enjoying your big day

+Yesss to golden-lit sunset portraits all day, but the uncensored moments will forever be my favorite

+I believe that not everything beautiful is extravagant. So for example, oftentimes shots of you two literally just walking to wherever we're heading to formally "take portraits" are some of my favorites

+And, finally, this is my heart here. This is my purpose and you're gonna get 110% of me even on a bad day. I've worked with so many photographers that treat this solely as a monetary transaction and I'm just not about that. I believe you deserve a photographer who gives a damn. If you think so too, let's be friends. 


Shall we get to low-key stalking each other now?!: